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Charmé believes, a positive mind filled with a positive spirit leads to a positive living; so we aim to thrill your senses with dazzling jewels perfect for all occasions.

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About Charmé

Charmé, as a family business, strives continuously to improve its professionalism and expertise, as individuals and as a company since 1998.

Charmé fully and accurately discloses the material characteristics of the products and merchandise it sells. WE ONLY SELL GENUINE NATURAL GEMSTONES.

Smooth Return Policy

If you wish to change your mind, you can return any purchased item within 30 days without giving any reason, and without liability except for any product(s), which are made to your unique requirements or are distinctly personalised.

For Return

2 Years Warranty

Each Charmé jewellery comes with a two-year warranty upon receipt of a valid sales receipt. If your jewellery needs repairing within two years, please return it to us.

This warranty applies to all our products, whether you purchased them through our website or our store. Gift receipts will be accepted as well.

If your jewellery is out of warranty, we can still offer you this service for a charge.

Can’t Find It?

Let us make it bespoke.

Charmé is where we renew your tired jewellery and bring it alive. We can carry out any alterations for you in our Guildford shop by reusing materials and gemstones in your jewellery to create something new and modern.

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